Culture Center


Culture Center

The Cultural Center provides a space for various communal and cultural activities and a program of active intervention in the encouragement of local artwork, with the purpose of creating social change and dialogue with Israeli audiences using artistic platforms.

The Cultural Center caters to a diverse range of cultural and educational programs:

Facilitation of local music ensembles

some 70 musicians’ yearly use the facilities offered at the Garden Library to create their music. These ensembles are teamed up with Israeli musicians and people from the music industry in order to assist them to establish ties with the Israeli music industry.

Outdoor community events

celebrating the unique variety of cultures that exist in the neighborhood. The Garden library offers a variety of open-air cultural activities for and by the community, including live music performances, movie and sports event screenings, theatrical performances, holiday festivals, puppet shows and art exhibitions. These events usually attract a large crowd, both from the neighborhood and from nearby towns and cities.


Sudanese Theater group

one of the most significant projects that was developed in the Cultural Center is the Sudanese Theater group, which produced the play “One Strong Black”, written by members of the group. The play performed in several locations in Tel Aviv with great success, with some 1,000 people attending as audience.

Art and Music classes

the Cultural Center sponsors a range of art and music classes, which attract members of the foreign communities to The Garden Library, such as drumming, piano, arts and crafts, yoga and more.