The Levinski Team

The Levinski Team
December 5, 2015 admin-garden

‘Equality is the Goal’ or what became to be known as the Levinski team, was one of the most exciting developments in the Children Center this year. This project attracted a group of young boys, aged 9 to 12 years old, that were previously active in the Children Center. Based on what the boys defined as their main field of interest: soccer, the project was launched. ‘Equality is the Goal’ created a holistic framework, which enabled the group to practice soccer, advance in their school studies and participate in a social group.


During the year (since September 2014) the group met twice a week for three hours soccer practices, attended the study center every week and participated in a social group facilitated by an experienced group facilitator, where they explored topics relevant to their experiences as asylum seekers, in addition to touching upon group related issues that arose in soccer practice.


In the past two month (August and September 2015) the Children Center adapted all the activities so they would cater for the needs of the children during the months of the summer vacation and the beginning of the school year. During these months the vast majority of informal educational frameworks were closed for summer break. Therefore the activities offered at the Children Center and the ‘Equality is the Goal’ project were virtually the only recreational activities the children could join.


During the summer month we operated the core ‘Equality is the Goal’ groups, comprised of 16 boys at the ages of 10 to 12 years old and a youth group that included 12 boys aged 14-16 years old. In addition, a younger age group (8-10 years old) that included an additional 16 boys was operated. The youth group was initiated and organized by two of the participants, and the coach was an asylum seeker from Sudan who volunteered in the project.


The project enhanced the participant’s abilities to work in a socially diverse group, learn to respect one another and to listen to each other. Moreover, they are in the process of developing communication and group work skills. In addition the boys are also learning to identify and take upon themselves positive leadership roles as well as using soccer as a venue through which they utilize their energies in a nonviolent manner.


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