Annie – the Garden Library’s version

Annie – the Garden Library’s version
December 3, 2015 admin-garden

The ‘Girls for Change’ group, which has been active for the second activity year, was comprised of a group of 15 migrant, asylum seekers and Israeli girls. The girls met twice a week with the aim of producing a short film, and through this process touched upon themes and topics that were relevant to their daily lives. The educational process primarily focused on topics such as privacy, gender roles, feminism, community, identity and their bodies. The process also enabled the girls to explore dance as a cultural and political form of expression. Throughout the year the girls produced a short film (20 minutes) exploring these issues and how they mirrored into their daily lives. During the production process each participant took responsibility for a different aspect that was essential for creating the film, for example production, acting, filming, lights, décor, styling, etc.’.  The aim was to promote among each of the girls a sense of ownership of the project and to strengthen their ability to express themselves in the group.


The outcome of this process is the girl’s version to the new movie Annie (produced in 2014). The movie captures the life a young Afro-American girl who is placed in foster care in New York. The Girls for Change group reproduced a scene from the original movie, using dance and song, in which the girls clean the orphanage because there is a scheduled inspection by the authorities.


The participants of the ‘Girls for Change’ group explained their choice to reproduce the movie Annie based on two main reasons; first because they were very much connected to the music in the film and second for the reason that the original film depicts the story of a group of Afro-American girls that take action against oppression they are subjected too. The girls found inspiration in the characters motivation to take action.


The process the group went through promoted solidarity among the girls, as well as their personal capacities to express themselves individually and within the group. The girls stated that resulting from this process the felt more connected to the Garden Library as a place that supported their creativity and addressed issues that were relevant to their lives.


The Girls for Change film was presented at a festive event held at the Garden Library and at “The Center for Contemporary Art” in Tel-Aviv.



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